Musical Pitching

I am missing a parameter in pitch shift effect where I can set a new musical standard pitch.

In my case, I got bounces from a sample-library in a’=440Hz which I had to pitch to get them mixed into an orchestral session recorded with a’=443Hz. I wish there would be a more simple way to get this done, than calculating how much cent I have to enter…

The problem with every pitch-shifting algorithm in the world, is that it introduces artifacts of som kind.
The proper way to go about this problem, is to resample the file.
I use r8brain from voxengo, which is free and offers very high quality resampling conversion.

The trick is, you tell it to resample to a desired sample rate, but write the file header as if it’s the original sample rate.

First you need to calculate how much to resample. (440 to 443 is 11.76 cents.)

This calculator is helpful…

Put in the sample rate of the source wave file as the “original frequency.” Set transpose (cents) to how much you want to change the pitch… then hit Calc Final Frequency to see the adjusted sample rate.

In r8brain, Resample to that “adjusted sample rate”, but make sure it writes the file header (Set Sample Rate) to the original sample rate. Crank the quality up all the way, start the resampling, and get a cup of coffee…

Good luck!

Thank you for your input and your detailed description! Seems to best the best workflow, I will definitely try this!
And thank you also for that great calculator-link! I wish I had known this before… :wink: