Musical rights: how to list used music from timeline?

For postproduction purposes I need to pass on commercial musical tracks and its lengths I used in the timeline. This is what the production company I work for needs in relation to musical rights. I know there is a way in Pro Tools to export a list of used music but can Nuendo too?

Track sheet?


I use the track sheet. It’s pretty cumbersome to be honest. I wish they would update it and make it more user friendly. Maybe make it exportable to Excel or something. I’ve also done screen snapshots of the worksheet to see things more clearly.



Track sheet is terrible.

I use a 3rd party macro software (ykey for OS X, but there are many) to set a loop, copy left and right locator values and filename or description to the clipboard, switch to a text editor and paste the values.
I know it’s nerdy, but it works and gets the job done in a minute for a half hour show… :mrgreen:

Why don’t you make cycle markers (copy/paste the name) and then export it to an Excel sheet?


Wow, never knew this. Thanks all, great feature (again…)!

That could be a nice macro:
After select range:

  • copy filename/description
  • add cycle marker
  • paste filename


You could look into either a keycommand/macro software and/or a programmable keyboard. I have one that I use for some things that bore me. For example opening a million aaf’s/omf’s for short commercials or promos; I navigate to the file and then press my macro which then goes through all options in dialog boxes. A small thing, but it makes me less annoyed.

Guys, why all the hazzel??
A simple “Session export as TEXT” like PT does it would be so important. Tracksheet is just horribel!!

pls, we need some improvement here…


I agree that track sheet is not ideal for this. The suggestion from Fredo though to export cycle markers works fine and can be automated by a macro. If only I knew how to copy the name of the first selected part that is pasted automaticly as cycle marker this macro would even be better. For now this is the best workaround in my opinion but must admit that ‘Session export as text’ rocks on Pro Tools!