Musical timing dependent on buffer size

Cubase was easy to break. Changing buffer sizes changed where the automation happened! From 64 sample buffer to 1024 sample buffer changed it by about 588 samples, or 12 milliseconds!

That’s a lot!

Admiral BumbleBee brings up an important point. A simple fade (or other automation) will have different timing when rendered at different buffer settings. Imagine a cymbal choke or other fade-out being off by 12 or more milliseconds. ProTools does not do this.

Imagine what all the myriad plugin processes (besides just fades) are doing to your timing…

I could not what plugin he is using. He write VST3. VST3 should have sample accurate automation. But it is require some efforts from the programmer to get it right.

He is not using a plugin. He is drawing a simple fade!


Well, this is was disappointing to read.
I really hope Steinberg does something to improve on this…