'Musicians can setup their own mix'?

‘Musicians can setup their own mix’?
So how many ipad/iPhone connections can we have to one cubase session then?

Hi Wally,

At least 5. :wink:
4 to control the cue mixes and one for the Key Commands.

Hi crohde,
Thanks for the reply…
I just downloaded it… It looks great!
Thanks again,
P.S. I notice that your sig and avatar are now displaying! How did you achieve this? As mine is still not working! I contacted Steinberg about this before Christmas but I still have not received a reply!

The webmaster is working to find the problem, I actually had changed my avatar to something different but it has not updated yet.

I’ll just sit tight then…
Thanks for the reply crohde

Hi Wally,

the forum signature problem was solved. Just re-upload your picture and it should work.