MusicXML Compatibility Issue

Hi there,
I downloaded John William’s MusicXML file for Superman March from MuseScore website and opened it in both Dorico 2.2.1 and Sibelius to compare.
I am using NotePerformer.
I just found out that while Dorico plays it nicely in the beginning but most of the sheet music appears blank after the beginning part.
Sibelius plays it all the way to the end. There are some areas that Dorico sounds nicer but the fact that most of the score is not even showing is worrisome. I am wondering if Dorico 2.2.1 is still catching up with the compatibility for MusicXML files. Please explain.
I send the link below so you can try it yourself.
Thank you.

Oh never mind. I downloaded the MuseScore format and exported XML from MuseScore. I opened it in Dorico and it worked. So the original XML must have been from older version of XML and perhaps Dorico doesn’t deal with too old XML files as well as Sibelius but with newer version (from more recent version of MuseScore) it reads it just fine. It actually plays nicer in Dorico than Sibelius although you would think both are reading XML files and both are using NotePerformer!