MusicXML export - i need my text-blocks and my tempo indications...

Hello community,

i just became aware of this thread:

…and now i think i am in deep trouble, because i assumed Dorico is as good with exporting then it is with importing :cry:
And with 2.2 there is still no further development.

I have just finished a score with 1540 bars for 20 players and an awful lot of text elements (So not easy to recreate).
I need my text-blocks and tempo indications to be transfered to Sibelius!!

As this is the last step i have to do now, for someone else to work further on my text-blocks in combination with the music, it is absolutely critcal and essential for me to get this done.

The music is exported “acceptable”, but there are no text elements and no tempo indications.
Anyone with an idea for me how to transfer the things i need…?

I heard about a minor update coming up in the near future? Anything of interest for me there?

I’m sorry to say that there’s not going to be any change in what has been implemented in Dorico’s MusicXML export in the immediate future. It’s a big job and will take time to do properly, and at the moment we don’t have anybody working on it.

It’s slightly counter-intuitive, but one possible approach you could try would be to export a PDF from your Dorico project, then try importing it into Sibelius by way of an OMR program like PhotoScore Ultimate, which can in theory recognise the text.

Is there no way that the next person in the chain could do the work in Dorico instead of Sibelius?

An another possibility is the program PDFtoMusic. The export to music XML is better than the export from Dorico.
A trial version is aviable.

Thanks, i will try that…