MusicXML export problem (Mac)

When I export a MusicXML file (with the Score Editor open), the file saved is unreadable both by Sibelius and Finale (demo). The file name is greyed out in the import dialogue for both applications, so I can’t even select it.

Using “Open With” to open the XML file allows me to select Sibelius but not Finale (greyed out in the Finder). Sibelius gives the error shown in the attachment. I can import the file back into Cubase 6 though.

I tried in 32-bit and then in Cubase 5, but in all cases was unable to produce a readable file.

I can’t remember the last time I did this, but I’m pretty sure it used to work. Am I missing something obvious, or has anybody else hit this problem?

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 17.40.21.png

Although I dont use the feature Chris, I would call this a big showstopper, and something quite high up on the “Dev please have a look” Hitlist. and I am bumping this accordingly to see it get a bit more attention, or maybe someone with good xml skills could help you out!

I’d be horrified if the “Worlds Best Sequencing Platform” cant output correct Music XMl’s for further refinement Notationwise :smiley:

Thanks for the bump - it would be good to know if anybody else is using the XML export successfully.

It just occurred to me to click ‘Yes’ to continue the import - the error repeats but after three or four times, the file imports. As far as I can see it does this successfully, though I need to do a proper test. I’ll log this with Steinberg support.

I had a look at the XML file, and the lines causing the error are:-


If I change all the 0’s to 1’s the file imports into Sibelius without errors, though only if I use Open With from the Finder. The name is still greyed out in the Sibelius file open dialogue. Definitely looks like a Cubase problem, but I’d be interested to know if anybody else is using this successfully.

Thanks to Michael from Recordare, who emailed me directly after I posted on the Sibelius forum, I’ve at least got a workaround for this. The file exported from Cubase has an invalid Mac file type. Simply opening and saving the file in TextEdit, changes the file type so that the file can be recognised and opened by Sibelius and Finale.