MusicXML export when?

Any news on this front? I remember Daniel mentioning they were working on the threadbare MusicXML export capabilities, and I assumed it would be out in version 3, but there’s no mention of it from what I’ve read thus far.

It’s one of the things we plan to look at next.

Crucial for some of us! Thanks for all the hard work you’re doing!

Thank you Ben!

It was slightly confusing for me after just bought Dorico that it could’nt export only import MXML.

at this point, exchanging files easily with Sibelius will be KEY for SB. everybody wins. (especially SB. excited to try out this new software)

Dear nilsemil,
Dorico actually can export musicXML, but with many flaws… In D2.2.10, I had to rewrite every mezzo dynamic, and check the tempi markings as well as articulations. That is why we expect that the team tackles that part of the software, to earn that correction time!

Thank you, Dorico!:

  • D.D.

Re. Dorico 3.1:

“MusicXML export

It has long been the case that Dorico’s MusicXML import has been more comprehensive than its export, in terms of the different notations it can import from MusicXML files. We are finally beginning to redress the balance, and a good deal of attention has been paid to MusicXML export in the Dorico 3.1 release. MusicXML exported from Dorico 3.1 now correctly handles instrument tranpsositions, accidentals (including microtonal accidentals), rehearsal marks, chord symbols, barline types, and jazz articulations, plus some simple Project Info information is now included, such as composer, title, and lyricist.

This represents the first milestone in delivering more comprehensive MusicXML export, and in future versions of Dorico we will continue to dedicate effort to improving this important feature for interoperability with other software.”