musicxml files cause Dorico to crash

Several of my students send me .xml files that we review during their lessons. A new student who uses MuseScore sent me a few musicxml files that have erratic behavior. By that I mean that the files might play or not. They might crash soon after opening. I may be able to save them or not. But eventually, they cause Dorico to crash. If I can restart the program, the sound engine doesn’t work until I reboot my computer. Sometimes Dorico might not restart until I reboot the computer.
I checked this forum as best I could but found no similar experience. Oh, and we tried running “mxl” versions of the files from MuseScore with the same results.
The student has looked into getting Dorico, but found that it ran very slowly on his mac, and he couldn’t get the sounds to work properly. Here’s the clincher: he is not a novice at computers. He has a masters in music technology.
He is bright and delightful student. I’d like to keep working with him. But his files have caused us both great headache. Any suggestions would be welcome. I tried attaching two of his files, but I get an error message “invalid file extension.”

Zip up the MusicXML files before trying to attach them (the zipped versions) here. As long as they’re under 2MB each, the forum should then let you post them.

If it’s only MuseScore-generated MusicXML files that are causing problems, have you considered installing MuseScore on your machine? It’s free and it only takes up about 300MB on your hard drive.

The reason your sound engine isn’t working is because a crash in Dorico sometimes requires the audio engine to be force-quit. It’s “VST Audio Engine.” Are you Mac or PC?

It sounds like there is something in the MuseScore project that is exporting to XML in a problematic way.

To share a file here as an attachment, zip it first.

Here are two files zipped up and ready to cause more Dorico programs to crash.
df (28.6 KB)

I fiddled around with the first one and couldn’t make it crash. Playback was fine too. File attached, if it helps.

Do you recall what actions caused it to crash for you? (567 KB)

with me, both open, play through and save without any sort of a hitch (which is more than can be said for some of my own .xml’s!). Are you definitely only getting this with imported .xml’s? Are you just using the default HALion config?

David, if you could provide the MusicXML files that cause Dorico to crash, I’d be happy to take a look at them. You can zip them up and attach them here, or if you can’t do that for some reason, email them to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de along with a link to this thread.

I’ve merged the two identical threads together, so now I see that you have provided some MusicXML files here. Unfortunately I too cannot reproduce any problem with the files.

David, could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file, called “Dorico” and saved to your desktop, to a reply here so we can see what is happening to the program when it crashes?