MusicXML Files Crash D4

I opened the attached XML files that were exported from Sibelius in 2018. I replaced a weirdly displayed [6+3+6]/16 time signature with a newly created one. I was then puzzled why I’d even kept these, used Cmd-Shift-W to close one and Dorico crashed.

Attached also is the Diagnostics report generated immediately after restarting Dorico.


Dorico Diagnostics - musicXML (1.8 MB) (7.1 KB)

Thanks for taking the time to provide both the MusicXML files and the diagnostic reports. I’ve taken a look at the crash logs and unfortunately there’s nothing especially suggestive there. My guess is that you had another project open in each case, and it appears to have crashed when trying to bring the other project into focus and activate it for playback. However, I’ve been unable to reproduce the problem myself. If you have any reproducible steps that would allow me to make this happen on demand, do let me know.