MusicXML Import Adding Voices to Piano Part

I generally start my arrangements by uploading vintage sheet music mostly from the 1920s and the less-than-standardized notation often creates multiple voices in Dorico in each staff. What’s the easiest way to reduce the multiple voices to a single voice and is there an easy way to expose each voice to view them all?

I’ve uploaded and example of the original piano into and resulting Dorico rendering.

Your screenshot would be more informative if Voice Colors were turned on (from View > Note and Rest Colors), as that way you could see precisely how many voices exist and how they relate to the imported notes.

If you really do want to put everything in a single voice per stave, select the whole stave, right-click > Voices > Change Voice > Upstem-Voice 1 (or Down-stem Voice 1; it doesn’t really matter). Then repeat for the other stave. You’ll find that when you close and reopen the project Dorico automatically clears out any unused voices.

All that said, the original 1920s excerpt is both efficient with the use of voices and also perfectly standard notation.

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Your original will require 2 voices in each staff.

View>Note and Rest colors>Voice colors will show the voices that Dorico has assigned.

You can remove unnecessary rests from a selection by using Edit>Hide Rests

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