musicXML import crashes if more than 20 bars

cubase 11.0.30 pro, mac osX

Tested with music XML in piano format (2-staves).

To replicate:
Create music xml for piano 21 bars long.
Choose File>Import>MusicXML and select .xml file. Select destination location and press open. Cubase crashes, leaving a ‘Cubase quit unexpectedly’ apple system dialog.

Remove 1 bar from the test xml file and try again. Success.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Could you please attach the *.crash file?

Hi Martin

The most recent crash file is atached.

The attached xml consistently causes the error.

Cubase 11_2021-08-11-100743_dambp2.crash (122.4 KB)

testXML3-4_21.xml (45.4 KB)


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

I have re-tested this in both 11.0.40 and 11.0.41 with the same results. It may be helpful to have the logs from these tests available here.
[A - in 11.0.30]
Cubase 11_2021-09-04-122420_dambp2.crash (130.0 KB)
[B - in 11.0.40]
Cubase 11_2021-09-28-173711_dambp2.crash (129.9 KB) (41.9 KB)
[C - in 11.0.41]
crash & session (33.8 KB)