MusicXML import feature request: slur start/endpoints in tie chain

I’m not sure how easy this is to do, but I’d really appreciate the ability to specify that all slurs in an imported file should start or end on the same notes in a tie chain as they do in the original file, rather than having them revert to the project defaults.

Unfortunately I don’t think this would be easy to achieve. If the MusicXML file is 100% consistent in the way these situations are handled, then potentially Dorico could set the engraving option for the way slurs and tie chains should be sorted out; but if it does different things in different bars, then we would need to add heuristics to try to set the relevant properties on a per-slur basis. It’s certainly not impossible, but it’s unlikely to be a quick job. I will nevertheless make a note of it.

That’s fair enough. At least from my experience as a composer, I do not consistently begin or end slurs on a particular note in a tie chain. Slurs begin and end wherever it looks best (or at minimum least messy) to me personally. It sounds like I’ll just have to readjust them all manually going forward.