MusicXML import from StaffPad iPad error


I’ve been using Finale since 1990, then Notion 5/6, StaffPad iPad since February 2020, and bought Dorico 3 Pro about 4 months ago. I’m new to Dorico.

I’m doing a video on MusicXML comparing the different export examples/results of one MusicXML file to each software/app.

The original MusicXML file is from StaffPad iPad version, concert pitch. The 5 of 6 instruments are pitched in C, and the trumpet is pitched in Bb. However, I exported all in concert pitch.

I’ve done Finale 26, no problem.
I’ve done Notion 6, no problem.
I’ve done latest Sibelius, no problem.

Dorico - problems! The C major concert pitch piece is being played down a half step in B major with a C major key signature.

I can transpose the score to C# major and that cures the problem, but it looks horrible in that key. I know I can hide the key signature as C major.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I’ve tried exporting the file from StaffPad as transposed and concert pitch with no success.

Also, Dorico also opens the score one beat out in a few of the parts, so I had to delete the opening empty bar in StaffPad.

Thanks for any suggestions. My video airs Sunday!


It just sounds like a sample rate mismatch. Go to Edit > Device Setup, change the sample rate setting to a different value, wait a moment, then return it to the original value. Does that fix it?

As to things being a beat out, without seeing the MusicXML file it’s impossible to know where the problem lies.

Finally, have you investigated Dorico’s Preferences > MusicXML Import? Those settings can make a big difference to what Dorico puts on the page, and the defaults may not suit your purposes (they rarely suit mine).

Hello, Pianoleo,

Your solution, one of experience, I suggest, worked like a charm! Thank you so much.

I’m good to go! Thank you for the very quick response and solution.

Very much appreciated,