MusicXML import issues

I received a transcription created in Finale and exported as a MusicXML file. When I imported the XML file into Dorico 2, I found some errors, mostly important text missing, but some notes were written incorrectly as well (e.g. two 1/4 notes tied together instead of a single 1/2 note). It did a mostly good job but the missing items are kinda important!

See attached images. I have verified that the missing text does exist in the XML file.


Tied notes over the halfway point in the bar will depend on your settings in Notation Options > Note Groupings. You can also set options in Dorico’s Application Preferences for how XML is treated, and when it should preserve note durations and other things.

I have noticed a few glitches when importing XML from Finale: lyric word extensions sometimes don’t go to the last tied note; ties can be inconsistently positioned. Possibly a few other things. I find that deleting those problem elements and re-entering them fixes it. (E.g. double-click on the lyric, press space to the last note. For ties, delete the notes and re-enter.

Dorico does indeed not yet import all arbitrary text elements (normally encoded as “words”) in MusicXML. Text is not encoded semantically in MusicXML, which means that Dorico has to try it on for size as e.g. rehearsal marks, tempos, dynamics, titles, etc., and in order to avoid importing it twice, it doesn’t bring it in as just plain old text. This is something we do plan to improve in the future.

Dorico really has to give up on the idea that it must understand all text or delete it. Deleting it is really not a viable option. Sorry to be a stuck record on this, but try debugging a few really large imported scores with many thousands of elements and then see how you feel about whether it’s ok to delete random stuff.