MusicXML import resulting in a grand staff… with music, but no staff lines?!?

This is a funky one: I had an old MXL file (Suite no 1 for piano with title (36.0 KB)—you can just rename it to .mxl from .zip and it should be good to go) from a piece I wrote back in college and exported from Sibelius 7[1] nearly a decade ago as part of a backup strategy for my music at the time. When I tried to import it into Dorico 5 (, the result was somewhat surprising: all the music showed up, along with the attached text, on what Dorico correctly recognized as a piano and put on a grand staff… but there are no staff lines. :face_with_monocle:

While this might make for an interesting bit of postmodern musical performance art, that is not quite was I was going for when I wrote this back in 2007. :smirk:

Any tips on how to make the staff lines show up would be most welcome, so I can then get to work actually cleaning this up beyond that. :pray:t3:

  1. Sibelius 7 was the last version I had. For, uhh… reasons™. :wink: ↩︎

@chriskrycho Go in setup mode, expand the piano player, click on the three points, choose change instrument and in the picker choose piano and click change: all looks good again:

To see what caused this abnormality:
before you change the “piano” (that Sibelius generated) with the above procedure, you can see the instrument definition of this instrument showing some strange things :slight_smile: After the instrument change all will be ok.

Interestingly, even with all xml import preferences switched off, the imported “piano” was looking strange.


Much obliged—I can confirm that did the trick, so thank you! What a wacky import indeed.

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You are welcome!