musicxml import

Hello all, does anyone know whether I’m right in thinking that Dorico ignores the natural harmonic tag when importing musicxml? I mean this:

If so, perhaps you also know whether there’s a document somewhere which points to what is imported and perhaps even what isn’t?

It would be nice if Dorico warned you of ignored tags/elements, just like it does with errors (could be a preference). Or is this viewable somewhere after import?

Best, Michael

Dorico does not yet import many playing techniques (even common things like pizz./arco are currently excluded), but this is something we plan to address in future.

There is not a comprehensive list of which MusicXML elements Dorico imports, I’m afraid, and that’s a big enough job that we’re unlikely to be able to devote time to putting such a thing together in the immediate future. It’s also not simple for us to produce a list of elements that Dorico encountered but which it didn’t import in a given file, given that there is no one-to-one correspondence between MusicXML elements and Dorico features, and in any case, you would very likely find such a list so long and full of false positive information that it would be of limited practical use.

OK Daniel, thanks for the answer at least.