MusicXML imported; Mixer/Channels Question

Dear Dorico friends,

I think this is just a simple question for a newbie to MusicXML imports. I imported such a file, and then added a cello player to the score. When I play it back, it seems like everything is being played through just one channel, and thus I can’t adjust the mix for each instrument.

I checked in Play and it seems all the different instruments (there are three) are assigned to separate MIDI channels.

Perhaps there’s something I’m missing?

Thank you!


Have you looked at the VST’s routing back to Dorico and the Dorico Mixer?

I looked at the HALion setup (?) screen by clicking on the “e”, and it looks like they are all on different channels. There are also different channel strips on the mixer, but only one channel has the signal.
Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 2.22.16 PM

How would I further investigate how the VST is routing to the Mixer?

Thank you!

Can you post a sample Dorico excerpt here so that we can see the MIDI and output assignments?

Did you assign the sounds yourself? If so, then the first thing I’d suggest is to go to Play > Playback Template and re-apply the default playback template; if you’re using Dorico Pro, it’s called HSSE+HSO (Pro).

Thanks all! @dspreadbury I assigned some of the sounds, so maybe that was it. I also keep forgetting that resetting the Playback Template is a good first step.