MusicXML Improvements

Are there any plans for improving the MusicXML import interface in Dorico 3?

I do a lot of arranging/transcribing existing printed scores as scans or PDF’s using Photoscore ultimate. The XMLexport from Photoscore into Dorico leaves a lot to be desired particularly with regard to instrument transpositions and other features as well, although some of this may be due to Photoscore itself

At the moment I find the only reliable means of of getting the notes into Dorico is to use the Photoscore/Sibelius interface and then export the resultant file as an XML from Sibelius to Dorico which seems to be an long winded way to go about things.

I seem to remember that there was some talk in the past about possible improvements in XML handling and rather expected to see something in Dorico 3 but, alas, nothing has materialised so far.

We certainly do intend to spend more time on MusicXML, though our highest priority is expanding Dorico’s export capabilities rather than working on making it more resilient to the oddities of applications like PhotoScore, which is not to say that we would not consider that an important thing to do, but it’s currently a lower priority than trying to improve MusicXML export.

Opening your PhotoScore-produced MusicXML file in either Sibelius or MuseScore and then re-exporting it for import into Dorico is obviously a few extra steps and would ideally not be necessary, but still hopefully represents a reasonable time saving compared to entering the music from scratch in Dorico.

Exporting is important for people who work in other programs - but I think you would benefit by spending more time on improving import.
In my opinion that will motivate more people to move TO Dorico instead of motivating them to stay with what they are using now. But maybe I’m wrong…

Mads, there’ve been a lot of grumbles from people who’d like to switch to Dorico but still need to collaborate with people who work in other software. Dorico’s musicxml importing is already way better than its exporting, and for these people it’s improved exporting that will win them over.

It seems no matter which direction Dorico moves, there are those who want the opposite. :frowning: I’ll trust in the roadmap to get us all where we need to be as expeditiously as possible.