MusicXML Issues / Request

Cubase 6.5 with current version still exports tremolos incorrectly in MusicXML:

instead of the correct:


I am able to use find and replace in a text editor to fix these things so that the tremolos appear in notation software, but ideally the program should export correctly to begin with. Of the programs I checked, only Sibelius displays the exported tremolos, and even then they just have one slash instead of the standard 3 for unmeasured tremolos.

Cubase also has some additional symbols under expression maps that are not supported in standard MusicXML (for instance, the tr WT and tr HT for whole tone and half tone trills). When MusicXML export is done, the trills are completely lost. Meanwhile, standard “tr” symbols export with no problem. These symbols could at least be mapped to the standard “tr” when it comes to exporting the MusicXML file. Does anybody know if there is a way to do this?

When text directions are entered on the piano roll via expression maps, in the score editor, they incorrectly default to below-stave positions. In most cases, text directions that are articulation related are technique text such as pizz. or arco and not expressive text like dolce or cresc.. Technique text should generally be above the staff with expressive text below. Does anybody know if the Cubase default can be changed to be compatible with standard engraving practice?


friendly bump… hoping for clarification

Good I looked up this post. It is two years later and these issues still have not been resolved. Slurs also disappear. The last 2 years I exchange on a weekly basis xml files with someone who uses Finale. When he gets a Sibelius generated xml file everything is imported correctly so it must be on the Cubase side.
Besides tremolo’s, expression maps articulation, also tempo changes are not exported in xml.

Steinberg, I know that you are investing in new notation software but Cubase users should be able to rely on a correct export to xml. As far as a I know there won’t be an integration between the new notation software and Cubase so it wil have to go through export, XML???