MusicXML to SmartMusic

I’ve been using Dorico for a few weeks now, and so far I’m very happy. Coming from an outdated version of Sibelius it’s a big jump ahead.

I need to export MusicXML files to SmartMusic for my students. When I create a new project from scratch in Dorico, the import into SmartMusic doesn’t work. I emailed SmartMusic support, they opened my Dorico-created XML file in Finale, then re-exported from there, and it worked correctly.

Interestingly, I have some MusicXML files that were originally created in Sibelius. I’ve opened a few of them in Dorico, made tweaks, re-exported to XML, and they work correctly. It seems to be only files that were originally created in Dorico.

I do not have Sibelius or Finale on my home computer, and won’t be back at school for another week. I will definitely try opening my new XML files in Sibelius and re-exporting.

Has anyone else tried this?

Are there settings for the MusicXML export somewhere that I can try tweaking?

Are you given any specific errors by SmartMusic when you import your Dorico-exported MusicXML files into it? Are you using “classic” SmartMusic, or the new web-based SmartMusic?

Dorico’s MusicXML export is pretty rudimentary, it must be said, though it is at least guaranteed to be valid from a schema point of view. If you can let me know what kind of errors you’re seeing, I can get in touch with the people I know at MakeMusic and we can see if we can figure out what we will need to change or improve in Dorico to get things working better.

Daniel, thanks for the reply.

I am using the “new” web-based SmartMusic.

I wish I could offer a more specific error message. When I upload a Dorico-created MusicXML, I get a blank screen from SmartMusic (where I should see the music displayed so I can assign instruments to each staff).

I opened a ticket with SmartMusic, and also communicated a bit on Facebook with Ryan Sargent at MakeMusic. He may be able to help track down the issue.

OK, thanks: I will try to make contact with Ryan and see if we can figure this out.