MusicXML validation failed

When I import an XML file from PhotoScore Ultimate (v7.02), I get a message saying “MusicXML validation failed.” The details are: “ERROR - Element ‘encoding-date’: ‘’ is not a valid value of the atomic type ‘yyyy-mm-dd’.
At line 15 of file:///C:/Users/Dennis/Desktop/My%20Dropbox/SCORES/HOLDEN%20EVENING%20PRAYER/XML%20files/Holden%20Psalmody%20(full).xml”

I’m saving the XML file to Dropbox, then importing it to Dorico. It seems to import all right, although key signatures are repeated every four bars or so throughout the piece. I just thought I’d pass along the error message for information to the team if it’s helpful.

Sounds like you should rather report that error to the developers of PhotoScore since that’s the program that produced an invalid MusicXML file…

Yes, please email the people at Neuratron to let them know about this problem. You can open up the MusicXML file in a text editor and remove the encoding-date element if you are even a little bit familiar with how XML files work, and then Dorico will probably open that file (though of course there could be further invalid data in there that will then become apparent when Dorico parses more of the file).

I do use PhotoScore (I own the 8.8.2 version) and the only recurrent problems I have with the XML outputs are about double alterations (x and bb)… so nothing really problematic. I never crossed that time and date issue. (I’m on mac, FWIW)

I get a “glyph” error statement when I import an XML from Finale (using the .XML rather than the .musicXML extension); but once I click through the error warning, the file opens without incident in Dorico.

Yes, I have the same issue with the imports from Photoscore Ultimate. I click through the error and everything seems to be fine. BUT are there hidden bugaboos in the file that will eventually cause something to act wonky?

Here’s the error I always get from Photoscore:
“ERROR - Element ‘encoding-date’: ‘’ is not a valid value of the atomic type ‘yyyy-mm-dd’.
At line 15 of /Users/ktaulbee/Documents/Scores/Christmas/O Holy Night - various/O Holy Night - Celtic Women arr in Bb/O Holy Night - celtic.xml”

That particular error is benign: Dorico doesn’t attempt to make use of any metadata concerning when the original MusicXML file was encoded.