Musio Expression Mapping using keyswitchs

Musio has added support for key switches to Cinesamples. In the past, I would load each articulation separately and assign them different channels. I would map the articulations to different channels and reference the channel in the mapping. Now they have key switches. I can load one sample and reference each articulation using a key switch. I’ve done this hundreds of times with other libraries, and it works fine. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to work with Cinesample switches. Has anyone run into this problem and found a solution?

thank you

Problem resolved.

Musio displays middle C as C4, while Cubase uses C3, so you need to adjust the output of the expression maps accordingly.

For example: if the Musio window shows that the keyswitch is mapped to C1, the output of the expression map should be C0.