Muso shares her sales figures, Cd Baby, Sound ex +

She did not get rich with her Cello albumsë-keating-returns-to-show-us-the-streaming-music-money.html#more

Hmmm… I bought her album on iTunes when it first came out, and maybe she is a good Indy example here, because she is NOT mainstream. Then again, maybe she is not a good example, because her stuff is far from pop or rock. I see her news on FB a lot, since she’s an artist page in my “like” stable. She is now touring all over the world, toddler in tow. Not sure who is financing that—maybe she is. Regardless, I wish her the best…

I admire her openness. Sharing real world numbers is brave.

^^The true true^^


Just had a chance to glance over the article ,but I also applaud her openness


Hmmm… you’ve said that about another article or few. Me thinks you gots a.d.d. :stuck_out_tongue: