MUST - Feature requests & Suggestions

Hi there, hope someone is reading and consider to our requests/suggestions which many of them in general are very useful.

1a. I guess we all know this amazing “hold > mouse scroll wheel click on project window” navigation function.
So I think would be so amazing to be able to use it for swipe left/right Channels on Mixing window.
This would be by far easier than focus and click on the Mixer’s tiny scroll bar.

1b. Additionally should exist key command options for scrolling left/right Mixer’s content and not to use keys for the selected channel navigation left/right.

  1. An extra separated Time Display function which will show the corresponding time start counting from the left locator position.
    So we can easily see the time elapsed from our point of interest and not from the project’s first bar.

  2. Would be very useful to have an option for the Talkback button on the main Project’s upper zone or lower transport zone.

  3. User predefined Channel’s width/height in preferences. i think is annoying to re-adjust Mixer channel window for every new project.

  4. Mixer>Add Configuration could be similar to Project>Add Workspace> Select Global/Project

Thanks, happy 30 years Cubasing!

Re: (1a) and (1b)
I find using the ‘Find Track/Channel’ Function way faster than scrolling left and right trying to spot the track as it goes whizzing by.
No need for full track/Channel strip colour either. Cubase has it sorted IMO.

+1 for the 2nd.