must get rid of noise distortion please sb 6

I did record a conversation outdoors at a big musicfestival (i thougt) far enough away from the pa I can hear the voices kind of clear but the noise is unbearable I never ad that problem before I must get rid of the noise,that I didnt hear while recording. can you help me please
I use windows 7 and have steinberg 6 and did record with my normally great taskam.

You could see if you can do anything with it in the Wavelab Spectral editor, but it sounds like you need to attenuate the background noise, probably not easy with Spectral editing, and it’s not a dehiss or debuzz for the Sonnox tools.

There are some plugins that are advertised to reduce background noise in recordings:

or ReaFIR or Voxengo’s ReduNoise: