Must restart Dorico to detect audio interface

Hello everyone,

When I am working on Dorico and decide to switch the sound from my laptop speakers to my monitors through my audio interface, Dorico doesn’t recognize the new audio device in the “Audio device setup” panel. The only way I found to get Dorico to detect it is by restarting the program.
I am on a mac and am using an old scarlett focusrite audio interface.
Having to restart the whole project when working on a big orchestration or even several tabs of orchestration is certainly not optimal, and hinders workflow…

Is this expected behavior ? Many programs like logic support this kind of functionality.
Thanks in advance !

I have been using Dorico for a few months now to complete a few projects, and decided it was time to start asking in the forum some of the questions I still have and bugs I found. Very happy with this software !


Dorico scans your audio devices only on startup. Many pro audio software acts like this, as it is a safe way to guarantee stable communication between the OS and the interface (and fairly many options depend on for example your number of outputs). Logic is an exception for sure.

EDIT: Welcome to the forum, Simon!

Hi Simon, could you please be more precise? In the Device Setup dialog in the list of drivers, does the Focusrite turn up in the list or not? Or asked differently, you can select the Focusrite in the list of drivers, but it does not get accepted when you click okay?
Also, could you please go through that sequence again, i.e. switch from speakers to Focusrite, it does not work, restart Dorico and it does work. After that, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

I think the OP means this: audio devices connected after starting Dorico do not show up in the list of ASIO drivers until you restart Dorico. It would be great if this list were refreshed every time you open the Device setup dialog. (Dorico’s main competitor added that feature only 2 years ago, btw.)

Thank you all for your kind words and answers !

mth, you totally understood my problem. And adding to that klafkid’s answer, it seems that this is normal behavior and not a bug. I’d love to see it as a feature, though.

Another problem I’ve faced is that when I want to switch from my audio interface back to my laptop speakers, by unplugging the interface, Dorico does not automatically revert to built in audio. I need to manually select it from the device setup menu (which is pretty buried in the software). Is that also expected behavior ?

Ulf, the device does not appear on the list. When it does, I am always able to select it. Do you still need me to attach a diagnostics report after this clarification ? Is this not how Dorico is supposed to work ?


Hi Simon, okay, now I understand. Yes, that is still a flaw in Dorico and it’s already on our list. Actually, the audio engine itself does recognize the un/plugging of devices, it’s just a matter of properly communicating this back to Dorico. It’s good that you mention it, so that we put again our focus on it. And no, diagnostics report is not needed any more.

That’s great, I’m glad I helped. Thank you and good luck with that !