Must say - kudos to Steinberg's communication


I own Cubase 7, but do not use it - I’m still trying to get into it. I own PT 10, Logic, and Studio One, and am currently faster and more creative in them. Just more used to their workflows. HOWEVER, I have to give a big kudos to Steinberg regardless for the following reasons:

  1. Active involvement in the forum (I don’t see this from AVID, not that much from Presonus anymore, and of course, none at all by Apple). This includes discussing features, confirming issues, etc.

  2. Giving a lot of heads up on upcoming releases like 7.01 and 7.02. And telling us what those releases contain well in advance. Why is this important? Well, for people like me that may be on the fence of selling / buying Cubase, it demonstrates that Steinberg is actively working on fixing stuff. I don’t want to sell Cubase now because I have some hope that Steinberg will fix the issues I have (even though I’m just one user).

  3. Actually trying to listen to users and keep them happy. Acknowledging shortcomings and at the very least telling us they are working on them. Sounds so simple, but is often never done by companies.

User communities tend to be volatile things and it is hard to manage the pros and the cons. I have to give Steinberg kudos though. At least, they are trying. The gap between DAWs will increasingly get smaller in my opinion and the difference to the end user will be the company behind the software and how they treat their customers.

That’s all.

Yes, the communication on this forum is great. Only Metric Halo does it better!

You mention AVID and Apple. These are publicly traded companies. I don’t think they can communicate in the same way as private companies.

+1 I may have my gripe about compatibility issues but your right they do get things sorted in the end software wise and what you say is totally spot on that it will be in the end the way the companies treat their customers that will ultimately be the biggest seller .

cubase rocks in my book always has always will !

It’s nice to see a dev face every now and then as well, not just community managers :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve been impressed with Steinberg popping in and answering feedback on the forum.
Native instruments keep giving me free stuff, substantial free stuff too…so between these two companies, they got a customer for life.


It’s good to see Helge and mods on here from time to time for sure!

Communication is a bit better than it used to be, which, save for the occasional appearence of Christian Dettner, didn’t really exist.

But it is still not at the level it should be.


it was not always like this. SX2, SX3, Cub4 through to C5…almost zero care factor from Steinberg. A lot of damage done.

yes it is MUCH improved these days. keep it up SB!

Yep. Had an issue checked and accepted in no time at all! Very reassuring. I think the new sub-forums are helping in this respect. You feel that you can target what you want to say more effectively and, from the example I give above, it allows for swifter responses. And better tempers all round, I’ll warrant!


+1. I believe SB has become one of the best companies at disseminating info to their user-base in a timely way. This forum too has really grown into a great resource though, unfortunately, I think the average participant has become more grumpy and impatient. :wink:

I agree with the general sentiment.

It’s pretty clear to anyone who’s been around here for awhile that the Borg have made a concious effort to be more interactive with forum users and they deserve credit for that.

Yes. The S/Bers are getting -much- more responsive. Kudos.

But try to be forgiving of old grouches such as meself. I liken it to grandkids who… think my dad’s just the NICEST guy ever and can’t understand why I may a bit testy around him. But that’s because they didn’t live with him back in the day! They just see things in ‘the now’.

As we approach Valentines Day, a sincere wish for all Cubase Lovers everywhere: May your heart never be broken by someone you love and trust so much!