Must upgrade features in 6 !

Ok, guys, what are the must upgrade features in 6? I only upgraded from 4 to 5 to get more stability, so what has 6 got that is a real $150 improvement? I don’t need no beat boxes !!!

You should go online to you tube and look at the new videos produced by Steinberg. Search Steinbergsoftware. Decide for yourself.

The Lanes and group editing look cool but not $150 cool.

Plugins aren’t really upgrades unless the plugin itself is upgraded.

Lanes and group editing look aren’t the only new features introduced in C6:

For me it’s WELL worth the money… IF the new features are as good as they appear to be… the new time stretch algorithm looks worth the price alone… multitrack drum editing now looks like it’s come of age instead of the sheer pain it was before… group editing looks dead handy too! Seems well worth just over a hundred quid to me… that is if it all works as well as it should.

I see all the new features and for me only the lanes and groupedit add value. I record real musicians unlike the majority of their users who are excited about loopmash reloaded. I wont go into all the things WRONG with current cubase workflow, stability (vst bridge) and their terrible customer support but I am having great success in Reaper so far and continue to see Cubase as getting more bloated with a ridiculous maze of design.

The FIRST thing that should have been fixed is putting prefs in modules so you would never again be told to TRASH all ov your prefs to solve a problem. Ooooh. Look something shiny !!

The lack of interest in making Cubase a truly pro daw and chasing the beat boxers instead is funny to me but tells me I simply picked the wrong daw. The last $200 upgrade from 4 to 5 was for bug fixes because there is not one new feature I used in it. Rock on!

The VAST majority of our stuff is played and performed by real musicians too… even the best drummer makes the odd fluff in what can be their best take… now we have the option to sort it out quckly rather than having to do a retake… group editing will make editing things like mic’ed and DI’d acoustic guitars much easier if you’re using two mics and a DI the way i generally do… unfortunately we don’t have a big enough live room to record ensemble so we have to go the multitrack route other wise we would record pretty much everything in one hit… logistically it’s good for us too as we are spread out all around the midlands here in the UK… our drummer is a pro live sound engineer and as such is on tour 70% of the time (he’s good enough to have a full diary… gotta tell you something!) One of our guys spends a lot of time in florida and LA, one of our vocalists is constantly working etc… so time is at an absolute premium for us… so it’s handy for us to be able to change a note in a vocal melody, add a bit of a push into a chorus by raising the bpm one or two beats etc after the event as it were…
The new stuff might not be useful for your needs… that’s a shame, yes it’s a bit sad that they’re continuing with loopmash but IMHO C6 is looking like a serious contender for top dog now… pretty much ALL the criticisms i levelled at it have been sorted now so it would seem…
Simple answer is… if you don’t like it, don’t buy it… no one is holding your arm up your back and forcing you to.

Isn’t there a great irony when someone can spend so much time writing tutorials about a program they think isn’t pro.

I’m with Coach on this one. I love Cubase and do not use my DAWs to record real bands etc, just hobby work and enjoy it.

I shelled out for SonarX in December on their 8.5tox1 upgrade offer and to be honest can’t get into the Sonar, yet. But for the money had some great plugins. Since then I have been playing with Reaper. I must say what I really do like about Reaper is the : Routing Matrix (amazingly simple) and the way the plugins and set up on the channel strips (vst and vsti’s). What I have found difficult/cumbersome is the workflow in regards to mouse commands (toolbox) and shortcuts etc. So used to Cubase it’s almost frustration.

I have ordered C6 update as there are a few features that i do like in particularly the timestrecthing and pitch functions…

Would love to see the matrix style routing and external windows for vsts similar to reaper. For me reaper is good but still learning and appears, dare i say, to open source and customizable which is time consuming when i just want to jam and record.

If you have chosen the wrong DAW, my recommendation is, sell your Cubase license, stick with reaper and become a happy man :wink: No one will force you to buy a Steinberg product, it’s rather a question of choice.

You must understand that cubase is developed to suit many different customers. From audio engineers, producer/mixer to beatbox teenager working in their bedrooms. Thats the businees philosophy of Steinberg. Their biggest income is from hobbyist. Loopmash suit people who cant play instrument. It also works good fore creativity and effect. Thats why we noe have multiediting drums, folder cut (for audio people), loppmash 2 for (beatbox dudes), Vst expression 2 for orchestra midi gangsta.

To say Cubase is developed to suit many customers implies that they are listening to their current customers. I only see marginal lip service to that end and more to getting the new beat box customers.

Moving on is the only option it appears to me… Gots to be happy ! As I get more into reaper I may find a deal breaker that moves me back to Cubase but so far so good.

From The FAQ

Instrument Tracks Multi Out
Instrument tracks with multiple outputs are not part of Cubase 6, but are planned for future versions.

honi soit qui mal y pense



Marginal…!!! Oh come on…! Give them a break… give us a break…!! For goodness sakes man…!

Folk have for a very long time have been looking over at PT and Logic and moaning and whinging on the old forums about when, oh when Steinberg, will Cubase finally get:-
better/easier Multi-track (drum) editing (phase-coherent);
better comping/lane editing facility;
better grouping/track editing;
better (as in useable…!) timestretching;
better arranger page/part visuals (get rid of black bar at bottom)

Ok, some of its playing catch-up to competing products - but really, marginal lip service…!? Really…!? But, still not good enough for you… You already have all that in Reaper…! You want all that but you also want a ton more…

Oh, and what’s wrong about putting stuff in for the ‘beat-box’ customers…? Can only help keep SB in business.

So yeah, moving on is the only option for you…

Good luck, and write some great tunes…!

and**… a few unknown (?) new features in Cubase 6:**

–>> Operations affecting selected channels: You can add or remove a VST plug-in to or from all selected channels at once by holding down [Shift]-[Alt]/[Option] and selecting the desired plug-in from any of the insert effect slots.
With the same key combination you can also activate/deactivate effects or toggle their Bypass state.
For Send Routing use this key combination to route all selected tracks into a FX- or Group-Channel, to activate/deactivate a Send slot or toggle their Pre-Fader state.

YEAH!!! I´ve been waiting for so long!! much faster mixer workflow!
great. :sunglasses:

Export Audio Mixdown > Post Process > Open in WaveLab: You may notice an additional “Post Process” area in the Export Audio Mixdown window of Cubase 6. By selecting “Open in WaveLab” any finished audio export automatically starts WaveLab and imports the exported audio files from Cubase 6. This feature is available as soon as WaveLab 7.0.1 or higher has been installed on the system.

Unlimited audio tracks (Cubase Artist 6: 64)
Unlimited MIDI tracks (Cubase Artist 6: 128)
256 physical inputs (Cubase Artist 6: 32)
192 kHz > sampling rate support (Cubase Artist 6: 96 kHz)
256 group channels (Cubase Artist 6: 32)
Unlimited instrument tracks (Cubase Artist 6: 32)

and many more. :wink:
My conclusion: LOVE IT!!!

In one sentence: goodbye Pro Tools and Logic. It seems so…

Yes. good luck with Reaper.
Multiinstrument output will come free as an update. Also moveable frozen audioparts. Specially made for Tones2 taste. Chris have implied this in earlier posts. Steinberg listen for sure.
Personally i am hoping for a mixer with differents sounds like impulses integrated as presets. But Steinberg GUI. I like the mature clean look of Cubase6!