Must upsample 44k projects to 48k because of Dante

Our studio recently changed from an mLAN interface (on a DM1000 VCM console) to Dante-AUD when we had to give up Wind XP for Wind 8. It looks like we will have to convert unfinished 44.1kHz projects to 48kHz, since Dante only works at 48 or 96 (with the Yamaha mixers). What a royal pain!! What is the most efficient method to accomplish this? We have 20 songs at 44.1 that have about 14 tracks each, with song lengths between 2:20 and 4:00. We’ve never had to resample all of the audio files in a project before, let alone 20 of them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Wind 8, Cubase 7.5, 3.4ghz, 16GB mem, OS on SSD, 1TB HDDs for audio files

if you set the project to 48khz, cubase will ask you if you’d like to convert the 44khz files in that project to 48khz - is this what you want to achieve?

as fas as I know, cubase’s conversion is as good as most - I saw an article on gearsluts a while back comparing conversion algos - I seem to remember Nuendo’s being better than Cubase…

Thanks, TobyShark. I did look up the topic of project upsampling in the Cubase manual yesterday morning. For some reason I didn’t think it would be easy; that you may have to export all tracks, upsample them, and import them into a new 48khz project, perhaps with a few time alignment headaches. It all sounds pretty straightforward if Cubase will do it with a minimum of fuss. I should have consulted the manual before posting - my bad. Having said that, is there a third party software, free or relatively inexpensive, that has a noticeably superior conversion algo that you know of, off the top of your head? I can research this if I’m not satisfied with how Cubase 7 handles it. The 20 forementioned songs are mainly for a swing/blues band’s website for booking purposes, although having quality wav and mp3 is a plus.

I’m pretty disappointed with Yamaha for not supporting mLAN anymore (won’t provide 64 bit drivers). It became a very stable 16 x 16 interface between DAW and DM1000 console. We’re having a nightmare getting the Dante card to sync up with Studio Manager / Cubase / DM1000. Will try re-installing drivers and Dante softwares, otherwise technical support with Yam and/or Audinate by morning.

Hopefully we’ll have Dante woes behind us this time tomorrow, can upsample, and run subsequent projects @ 48khz. Next up: recording Bulgarian musicians playing new music on cello, piano, guitar, flute.


A lot of hardware like Korg and TC electronic, and others run 48k native and I notice DAW’s run smoother and have less problems if you keep everything at the same sample rate so they don’t have to do SRC on the fly.

Does on my machine anyway.

the up sampling will be fine for the purpose you describe


Here is a related video

this was 5 years old

So what. I’m 46 and still relevant. :smiley: