Mute a player in write mode with a keycommand

is something I would apreciate.

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It might not always be what you’re after, but if it’s easy enough to select the players you do want to hear rather than to select those that you don’t, you can use the key command Alt+S to solo the selected players, and Shift+Alt+S to undo that again.

I too would like a mute option. I frequently have a guide track, and I’d like to hear 1) the guide track and score 2) the guide track solo 3) the score, with guide track muted.

Although at this point it’s somewhat moot for me, for a related reason: is there a way for solo to do a MIDI solo rather than mixer solo? The reason is that write mode solo simply isn’t useful with NotePerformer: I guess Dorico solos the mixer channel? So if you have two players using NP, soloing the first player still plays the second one, and soloing the second player mutes everything. The only effective way to mute / solo (that I know of) is from within NP’s dedicated mixer.

If solo meant “play only this player’s midi data” rather than “solo this player’s mixer channel” then solo would work with NotePerformer. Is that possible and I just haven’t seen it?

In Write mode, if nothing is selected on any staff, Alt+S “solos” the metrnome “Dorico Beep”, which automatically mutes everything else.

With the metronome off (and, possibly, if one chooses a sound other than the “Dorico Beep” – I haven’t looked into this), this is a very quick and easy key command for muting everyone. To undo it, use Shift+Alt+S.

I stumbled onto this when needing to mute the virtual instruments loaded on an open Dorico project, so that I could play a different midi source on my midi keyboard.

However, a big “mute” button would be very handy.

It’s not intentional that typing Alt+S with nothing selected should cause everything but the metronome click to be muted. That will be corrected in a future version of the software.

Hi, Daniel;

If that is corrected, I sincerely hope that an easy way to mute everything (via Write) will be created as an available alternative. A simple, global “mute” button – or the ability to deactivate an open file via the current Activate button – would be very welcome!

I was surprised to discover that – just within the past two days – several of my own students – who use and love Dorico – were very happy to learn of the Alt+S method of muting in Write mode. They have evidently experienced the same frustration in looking for a quick way to mute the open project’s VST instruments (while trying to playing from another source), and welcomed the ability to use Alt+S for that purpose.