Mute alternating two or more selected channels doesn't work in MixConsole

Mute alternating two or more selected channels doesn’t work in MixConsole


Could you be more specific, please? What do you do (step-by-step)? What happens, and what do you expect to happen?

If in the edit window, and you have selected 3 tracks and to of them are muted, one is solo’d… If you press your mute hotkey, it will alternate which tracks a muted.

track 1 - muted
track 2 - muted
track 3 - solo’d

hit mute key

track 1 - unmuted
track 2 - unmuted
track 3 - muted


The Mute Key Command is a switcher. So you unmute the muted tracks and mute the not-muted (Soloed) track. To me out works as expected.

Solo alternating displays this better, but no it’s not workin in mix console because the mix console has an extra selection protocol that is a red border around the last selected channel and all it does is solo/unsolo this track. it doesn’t alternate between the two even if both a “grey highlight selected”, only the “red border last selected” is solo’d/unsolo’d


To which exact function is your Key Command assigned, please? Category (folder) and the name of the function, please.