mute and midi ch for lanes + bugs

Hi I know what I’m asking can be achieved but not as quick as lanes.

Could we have a Mute for lanes and also the ability to solo and mute more than one lane.
I use Cubase for live stuff and since updating to 8.5 this has become a good tool.
Although with cubase 5 32bit I was able to load presets with out losing sync, sometimes a slight audio cut woudl be causes but sync would remain.
With Cubase 8.5 this is not the case, audio will drop whilst loading even just sounds, and sync will drop a beat and out sync from just clicking from mixer too main window.

Is there any fix or way to help stop this?

Also who moved everything around :stuck_out_tongue: If it’s not broken don’t fix it. :slight_smile:
Good job I’m a Cubasian, else it would be just as quick to learn another daw than learn all the changes.

Few bugs I noticed:

Sometimes when leaving editor windows the main window will vanish and the need to click on cubase icon on the taskbar is needed to bring it back.

I’m in Windows 10, 8 core amd 4ghz 4.2 ghz turbo, asus m5a99fx, 16gig 1833mhz mem dual, emu 0404 PCI (not pcie)

Audio cuts, tempo desync when loading non compensated plugins/sound libraries.