Mute and Solo function, colors

Hello !
I did a major upgrade after not having done so in several years…
I now find that sometimes when muting a track, the color turns into a softer yellow color, and the mute function doesn’t work…
And sometimes when trying to Solo a track, the S turns into an orange color with a black square drawn inside it…This drives me crazy because I feel I loose control over what to solo and mute…Is there a way to disable these “new” functions ?? (or maybe I just have to learn what is going on here…) :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

We are still hunting for this bug. We didn’t find a clear way to reproduce it.

This is the Solo Defeat function (the “square” is a D in fact) which prevents the track to be Muted automatically, once you Solo other track. You enable it either by a long-click or Alt+click.