Mute bugs in macro/key command

Hi, I’m reporting bugs I believe are all tied to each other. I think these bugs has been introduced with Windows 10 anniversary but I’m not completely sure. Every time I try to create a macro that has the Edit-Mute key command more than once at different points in the macro, the first Edit-Mute key command will disappear or move to the position directly next to the second Edit-Mute command in the macro. This happens once I’ve used the macro in the project. The macro will work as intended the first time and change the very next time I use it. This is using Cubase 8.5.20 pro on Windows 10. I am unable to recreate this bug under any circumstances. It just randomly happens.

While investigating this bug I discovered that the Edit-Mute key command affects everything that is added to a macro when used twice back to back. I was able to recreate this and I’ve attached pictures. In the picture you can see to Edit-mute key command back to back in a macro and when I select the upper one and click add command (to any key command) instead of the command inserting itself after the Edit-Mute key command it inserts itself before it. This does not happen if you highlight the last Edit-Mute of the two. This pictures attached show what it looks like before the command is pressed when and the upper most Edit-Mute is highlighted and what happens afterwards is in the second picture.
Steps to creating this a very simple.

  1. Go to file>key command
  2. Click show macro
  3. Create a new macro
  4. Scroll to the edit folder click mute
  5. Click add command 2x to add the mute 2x
  6. Select the upper most Edit-Mute of the two you’ve added
  7. Select any other key command in the list and click add command
  8. At this point the bug should appear

The last part of this bug is that occasionally the Edit-Mute function seems to act randomly when put into a macro.
I’m unable to recreate this except under very specific conditions. I’ve attached this picture
to show the conditions. If you create this exact Project logical setup and save it. The create this exact order for the macro shown in this picture the mutes will appear on random tracks. This was part of the original bug that caused me to investigate the problem to begin with.

  1. Create about 20 midi channels.
  2. Add midi notes to about 5 of them.
  3. Create a project logical preset to mirror what is in the picture.
  4. Create a key command to mirror what is in the picture.
  5. Select the midi events you’ve created with content on them.
  6. Run macro.
  7. When the macro runs correct you should end up with a midi merged onto the first of the track selection you created and that’s it. This may work correctly once or twice but eventually the bug shows and you end up with random tracks muted in the end. For me the bug usually shows up the second time I run the command at the latest.