Mute button on VCA faders not working

In Cubase the mute button works on VCA faders but it does not work in Nuendo?

Or am I doing something wrong?

Different design of VCA’s.
No VCA Mute in Nuendo

Can someone explain exactly what the differences are and how we arrived at this situation given that Cubase and Nuendo supposedly share the same code base?

Some of us requested it as a ‘feature’ since it is absent in Nuendo. However, still no implementation.

I can’t fully remember. But it was a big and rather complex situation.

Something in the Cubase implementation made it “unusable “ in post. But honestly I can’t remember what it was.

It’s hard to find stuff in this forum so perhaps someone can remember and recapitulate for those that weren’t around back then.

Cubase implementation was part of the link feature and bound to it. I’m not sure it still is?
For true VCAs the control and linking HAS to be separate.
In Nuendo it was separated. However, it also had a bunch of other issues. Since it is not part of linking where cubase handles it’s mutes as you have noticed Nuendo for that reason doesn’t handle mutes. It should, as all other VCAs have mutes integrated as well.

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Still is.
I’m evaluating Nuendo right now and compared the specific sections of both Cubase and Nuendo manuals.