Mute button on VCA faders

Dear Nuendo Team,

it would be absolutely great, to have a mute button on every VCA fader. Don’t know any reason, why there shouldn’t be one.



Oh God! It feels like forever since I’ve been missing it after cross-grading from Cubase!



I think VCAs should allow for the normal logical controls that Pro Tools offer, like mute/solo, states for record enable etc.

Do you mean that VCA channels can be muted in Cubase but not in Nuendo?!

Yes Sir, as unbelievable as it may sound! In fact, now that you put it like that, I feel like, I hope I am wrong but probably ain’t! :joy:


Actually to be clear here we should define what we’re looking for.

In a previous version “mute” on a VCA channel ended up essentially doing the same thing as turning of automation read on that channel. That’s a useless feature if we already have the ability to turn of automation read.

What it should do, as well as solo, is mute/solo any connected channel.

So when you say “VCA channels can be muted” then I disagree with that request. There’s no reason for it, and the naming makes no sense in that case (because there is no audio to mute in a VCA channel). It should be a mute command that “trickles down” to the controlled channels.

Are we all agreeing that that’s what we’re talking about?

Agreed. That’s what I imagined it should do.

Can anyone say what happens in Cubase?

Already a feature request for this.

Been asking for it since the beginning of the Nuendo VCA implementation. There wasn’t even a solo button either!