Mute Cycle Markers

Hi one and all,

I’d like to know if it is possible to mute a marker, e.g., that is being used for ADR specific purposes?


I don’t actually know, but if it isn’t possible, perhaps you can create a “muted markers” marker track which you can have de-activeated or whatever, and just drag the marker onto that (I haven’t tried that either, just thinking out loud)?

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Hi Mattias,

To clarify, by muting I mean so that some lines do not appear on the video.


Yep, I understood.

There definitely needs to be more facilities, in relation to ADR and video but I will look at your suggestion.


If I understand you correctly, you have a marker with Text (dialog) in it.
You want the dialog to appear on screen, except for the dialog that is in that marker.

If so, then just move the text out of the “dialog” field to “notes” or something.
That way, you will keep the marker, but the text will not appear on screen.


Hi Fredo, so cut and paste seems to be in order.

That would work, since I am cycling between bars and as you would know, dialog can start just before, in parlance to an anacrusis in music or poetry.

On a side note, it would also be nice to be able to CTRL + Click, and select multiple adjacent markers and cycle between those, rather than just the beginning and end points of two individual markers, however I am sure that would require some development.

Thanks for your suggestion, Fredo, always admired and appreciated!

Another thing you can so is create an alternative marker track.
Just copy the marker track you have, and make changes.
In your case, delete makers, or add …

Then the only thing you have to do is activate the marker track you need.


Thanks again for replying.

That approach will work but becomes an issue, e.g., when timings change as a result of tempo, where for example file types such as .vtt or .srt are used to generate .csv markers, although that situation only arises when deleting and replacing a specific marker track, i.e., via import.

All the best