Mute hierarchy problem

Hey everyone.

I have quite a serious problem, that somehow nobody has been writing about so far. I never had this problem in any version of Nuendo before, so maybe there is a new setting or so that I overlooked? Anyway, here’s the issue:

If I mute a track that goes into a group and then mute and unmute the group the audiotrack gets unmuted too. It even goes one step further. If some groups go into the Stereo Out and I mute and unmute the Stereo Out all groups being routed into the Stero Out AND all audio tracks being routed into said groups unmute!
The only workaround I found so far, was to always use the Direct Routing option on all channels and to let the first entry be an unused group, because this strange mute hierarchy seems to be connected to the first slot which equals the “normal” Output Routing of a channel.
I don’t know if this is a strange kind of “feature” but im my opinion it’s just a really stupid oversight on the programmers’ part. And it’s definitely hindering my workflow as a sounddesigner.

Hope someone knows a solution to this. Thanks in advance for your answers.



please try the preference: VST > “Group Channels: Mute Sources as well”.


Great, thanks Bodo. It just had to be something I overlooked.
Thanks for the help. Subject closed :wink:.