Mute issue

Hi. When I write midi on a track and want to mute it on play back for whatever reason, I don’t only mute the midi but also the instrument too.
It’s a bit inconvenient when I’m in the midst of writing something and just want to still hear the instrument. Is there some setting that I have meddled with to cause this issue. Hope you can help.

I assume you are using an Instrument Track and not a MIDI/Rack instrument combo.

Yes, if you select the mute button on an Instrument track it mutes the audio output of the Track But it isn’t actually muting the MIDI data, only the Instrument playing that data. So neither your keyboard controller nor any recorded MIDI will be able to play that instrument.

Instead you want to mute the MIDI Part on the Track. Several ways to do this - Use the Mute Tool (the X button), use a Key Command to toggle the mute state of selected parts (sorry I’ve change my commands and don’t recall the default key). You can also use the Project Logical Editor and/or Macros to do more complicated muting.

But the key is to mute the recorded MIDI Data and not the Instrument.

I just thought of another approach. On your Instrument Track create a new Version (not a copy). This will be blank, without your recorded MIDI. Now you can just switch back and forth between the 2 versions depending if you do or don’t want to hear the recorded MIDI.

Thanks Raino. Thanks for that. Have recently upgraded from SX to 9.5 and boy has it changed.
Things have certainly changed. Just getting my head round everything at the moment.
Things I did in SX have either changed or been modified. Loving the challenge though.

Whilst I’m here. How do I set up an audio channel to record multiple audio lanes (for vocals) with take 1, take 2 etc on different rows so I can choose the best bits from each take, as opposed to them being stack on top of each other. Cannot seem to find how to alter this in C9.5

Set the Locators around the section you want to record & turn Loop on. Now when you record Audio to a Track each time it loops you’ll record a new Lane for each time through the loop. Expand the Channel to see the Lanes and use the Comp, Range & Select tools to build a comped take. You can create a Duplicate Version of the track as a way to keep a copy of the original takes as recorded.