Mute object vs mute event

Hello, in the manual I read. They look to do the exact same thing, what is the difference.

Mute Events (sélectionne avant)

Mute/Unmute Objects


Good question… AFAICS, there is none, excepting that ‘Mute event’ command uses two keys (shift+M -> Mute - Shift+U -> unmute, by default) while ‘Mute object’ uses only a toggle one (Alt+M), which makes it easier to use and remember. So, I mainly use the latter…

I tried both with the range selection and didn’t see any noticeable difference either. Using also both in the key editor leads to the same statement of fact, as I was more or less expecting that the ‘Mute event’ would mute a single note while ‘Mute object’, the whole MIDI part : I was wrong.

But perhaps someone else who studied more closely the issue could chime in…