Mute on Brass not triggering

Hi Guys,

I am trying to get my brass to play an articulation associated with mutes. However, it is triggering very unreliably. When I add a mute playing technique, the key editor shows that it doesn’t take effect for another measure, half note, etc. My reading suggests this may have to do with mutual exclusion groups, however I’m a little confused as to how those work.

Can you attach your project?

You’ll need to provide more information and ideally a cut-down project with, say, just a few bars of music for the affected instrument, so we can see what’s going on. It’s not really productive to talk in terms of generalities when it comes to specific problems with playback techniques and expression maps.

A reminder for how to ask your question in a way that will help us to answer you most efficiently and get you back up and running as quickly as possible:

Noteperformer does a fair job of triggering brass mutes.

any library will trigger brass mutes correctly if the Expression Map is correct and the user understands it. I’m sure once we get the project and information as to the library used, it will be possible to solve the problem.

Apologies, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing the project because it was for a film my instructor is currently pitching on, and was in too much of a crunch to create a project for the purposes of troubleshooting via the forum.

I have been away from my main computer, but I found a workaround while working on the previous project that would suggest I’m close to figuring out the exact issue. I will try and troubleshoot in a pared-down project tomorrow or the next day and if I have any remaining issues, I will reply to this thread.

Apologies Daniel that my last couple of posts have not exactly aligned with community guidelines., I have been under a bit more pressure than usual with my studies and family emergencies. I greatly value this forum as a resource.

No problem at all, I completely understand what it’s like to be under the gun. Unfortunately, there are some questions that just can’t be usefully answered without being able to see the project itself. I’ll be happy to take a look and try to help you when you have time to provide an example.