mute post fader fx?


Is there any setting somewhere to mute post fader fx when the channel is muted?

now i have an fx on post fader, and when i mute the channel , i still hear hiss from the post-fader plugin.

it would be nice to have the post fader fx muted when i mute the channel.

thanks for any insight=)

Insert or send Fx?
Post fader sends are always muted, when the channel is muted.
Post fader inserts also.
Pre fader sends have an option to not being muted, so double check, it really is post fader.

insert-post fader…

when i mute it, it still lets sound through

when i press stop, it lets sound through for approx 15 seconds before it cuts off…

But that is sound created by the plugin itself, isn´t it? The postfader inserts are post mute, so if mut is engaged, they do not receive any audio from the track they are in.

yeah, the sound is from the plugin.

The mute only applies to prefader sound and not the whole channel strip as it is…

  • Would be nice to have a preference option for the mute button that is: “mute pre&post” or “mute pre only”

now, when i mute a channel, I also have to deactivate any post plugins manualy…

conclusion: ok, it seems to be “by design” and not a bug - phew. (if I am reading your reply correctly)
So, lets enhance it sometime if there isnt already a way to do it now… (is there?)

thank you for “being here” and helping =)