Mute Pre Send Issue in C 8.0.20 (bug since C 7.53)

I just upgraded to Cubase 8.0.20 and am very disappointed to find that when trying to save the VST preference, “Mute Pre send” as NOT CHECKED, it will still not save after opening a new project. The preference ALWAYS reverts back to CHECKED. After loading a project and UNCHECKING the preference it will only partially work as a true pre send. Even if you manually uncheck this preference and solo one of the other tracks, all the other muted track’s sends will NOT send audio pre send on any of the send busses. This is a big problem when tracking and using the sends for headphone feeds to my headphone mixer. If I solo a track in the control room to listen critically while tracking all the other sends on all other tracks gets muted and the musicians can’t hear what they are playing. This caused a band to loose a good take the other day. :frowning:

The cue sends are slightly better in terms of the solo issue and the other non solo tracks that are muted will still still send audio pre send once the preference is reset after loading the project. Unfortunately I need 8 mono sends to my headphone mixer and the 4 stereo cue mixes do not work for me in tracking. I need to use the regular channel sends.

Here’s the specific fix. The track sends need to NOT MUTE pre send when soloing one of the other channels AND for the preference to save properly when UNCHECKED.

This fix was a promised for Cubase 8 (I reported it in Cubase 7.53 last February) and it’s past due since this is the third update of Cubase 8.

Please advise and thanks in advance for your help.

Robert George
Sound Temple Studios
Robert George
Sound Temple Studios
Asheville NC 28806

MacPro 3.2 OSX 10.92 Cubase 7.52, SSL Madi Extreme
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PLEASE FIX this issue, it is very inconvenient trying to monitor the SC input on several plugin without success. Even disabling the “UN-MUTE PRE-SEND WHEN MUTE” checkbox doesn’t work most of the time.

It seems like a very simple fix… PLEASE FIX IT ASAP!!!

Just curious, has this “Mute Pre send” issue been resolved? I’m finding in 10.5 that I can’t save the “Mute Pre send” preference as either a global preference or a session preference… It’s incredibly frustrating.

Hope. It’s been lingering for YEARS

I meant to say NO it’s not fixed and it’s been a lingering issue for years.