Mute / Solo buttons on folders are unreliable

Oftentimes, when I press the Mute or Solo button on a folder that has tracks within it, sometimes it doesn’t change the Mute / Solo status of the tracks contained within the folder. And sometimes, it will change the status of some tracks in the folder, but not of other tracks in the folder. And sometimes, pressing the Mute button will change all the tracks to Mute status, but pressing the Solo button won’t change all the tracks to Solo status. And sometimes, the non-workingness of the Mute / Solo buttons goes away, after I spend some time doing other things with my tracks, and it starts working again.

It appears to me that there are things which are breaking the Mute / Solo functionality on specific tracks, and in different ways.

Very old problem.
You forgot duplicated tracks - they don’t work correctly until you toggle both the master solo and master mute buttons. Or close / re-open the session, which isn’t ideal.

I thought the problem might’ve been an old one, and I don’t exactly recall how long I’ve been struggling with it. It is a really pestering problem, and adds undue stress particularly to working with large and complex projects. I hope Steinberg will make fixing this a priority.