Mute/Solo disabled after freezing track with multiple outputs

Hello there,
after freezing, instrument tracks with multiple outputs don’t let us click MUTE/SOLO with our mouse anymore.
They are greyed out.
We can however use key commands to MUTE/SOLO them.
This does not happen with instruments which have no additional outputs, they seem to work ok.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create instrument track and load a VSTi
  • Enable multiple outputs on that instrument channel
  • Freeze it
  • MUTE/SOLO is greyed out

It has been this way for as long as I can remember. Since at least 2007.

I discovered it when programming MEAP and had to write in the manual about this, as MEAP relies on key commands.

Not saying it’s not an issue. But it’s not a new one. And as you point out, KCs work so there is a workaround.


So I guess its time then that they fix it :thinking:
It’s not a big issue, but annoying and unnecessary!

Correct. There are indeed much bigger.

Got this answer from support:

The reason for this is that the assignment of MIDI track to instrument output can be very complex and Cubase has no knowledge of this.

Workaround for the user when working with instrument tracks: expand the “automation lanes” and use the return channels for solo/mute."

Not so sure what to think about “Cubase has no knowledge of this”. If not the DAW itself, what else?