mute/solo multiple channels

Hi. I’m trying to select multiple channels in the mixer and/ or arrange window and mute/ solo them. However, when multiple channels or tracks are hilited, only one at a time can be soloed or muted. Same thing with moving multiple track faders at once. Is there a preference I can change that will allow me to change these settings on multiple channels at once? Thanks for your time.

after highlighted, you’ll have to link them together, right klick and then link/unlink.
Then your choices are:

  1. press solo - all linked go solo.
  2. press strg solo - only one goes solo.
  3. press alt mute - one goes mute.
  4. press alt Solo - this channel goes in solo defeat (no mute) when another is in solo.
    and of course move one fader, all faders move.
    hope that helps. rolf