Mute track in Write mode

I use a guiding piano track in my orchestra score that I would like to mute in the Write mode now an then. I would also like to mute individual notes in the score. Is that possible?

That’s perfectly possible. To mute the piano, use the M (mute) button in the mixer (F3) on the piano fader. And for individual notes, select them, and tick the Suppress playback property (bottom panel with the properties) in Write mode.

I know that you can mute instruments in the mixer, but it would be nice to also do it when you’re in the Write window.

One can choose all the instruments and then CTRL/CMD+Click the piano staves to deselect them before pressing P to play the selected staves if one is set on remaining in Write mode.

Don’t forget you can have the mixer showing in the bottom panel in WRITE mode.

What VST(s) are you using?

But then I have to to the same procedure everytime I edit or insert a note since the selection will dissapear.

I wish I could set a key command for this, but that seems impossible.