Mute unlinks once midi track sends to instrument track

I’m on Windows 10, problem could be recreated on 8 pro and 8.5 pro

  1. Create instrument track with an instrument
  2. Create midi track
  3. Activate midi sends on midi track and route to instrument track
  4. Now the mute button of the instrument track on both the project and mix window would become unsync-ed. Audio will come out regardless of the state of the mute button on project window, but will react to the mute button in mix window.
  5. Deactivate midi sends on midi track and the same behavior persists.
  6. Problem would go away once the midi track is removed.

I personally need this double routing to work (VSTi makes sound when playing on its own, and also when playing on midi track with sends) with normal muting behavior, thanks.