mute/unmuting instrument tracks in folders

The logic of how this works escapes me.

At first I thought - with some quick experimentation - that mute/unmuting a folder track would only affect tracks within it which had been unmuted individually. This isn’t logical, but I was glad for it - made operational sense to me - allows one to toggle on and off a desired setup of track states without losing it.

I recently somehow got a track folder into a state, however, where I could not unmute any instrument tracks inside the folder with the folder-unmute button. If I unmuted them individually and attempted to muted/unmute them with the folder buttons, they’d mute but then stay muted - folder-UNmute worked only on audio tracks. This appeared to be the case no matter what state I created using individual track mute/unmute settings on the tracks within.

I reset the mute state of all project layers (with the global buttons in the toolbar.) Now that folder won’t remember any mute state at all. Folder-mute/unmute affects everything within the folder. This at least is logical (if maybe not as useful as toggling only the individually-unmuted layers.) This can be operational too, IF it’s actually consistent.

  1. Is there some operational utility to being able to folder-unmute only the audio tracks within a folder layer?
  2. How to get out of that state without resetting the whole project?
  3. Any suggestions on how to understand how this is supposed to work? (The manual says folder mute/unmute affects everything within a folder, but my experience in the third paragraph above disproves that.)
  4. If there’s a bug, can anybody say how to avoid triggering it or how to work around it?
  5. CAD programmes allow for the saving of layer states (on, off, frozen, locked, display type, etc.) Is there something similar (and reliable) for track states in cubase?


  1. I don’t know any, I think, no.
  2. You shoul ne able to do this by the Mute button of the Folder.
  3. Mute status is little tricky, if you are using multiple outputs. Then the Mute of the Track is Mute of the MIDI track. But Mute of the Channel (in the MixConsole) is Mute of the audio signal (audio out). Also if you route some MIDI tracks to the Instrument track, then it’s even more complicated. By Mute the Instrument Channel, you Mute the sound of all connected MIDI (if you are using single-output). Also Mute of possible connected FX and Group Channels could affects the result. If you Mute the Group Channel, all Channels routed to the Group are also Muted.

Just to clarify, wrt 2): folder-mute/unmute did not work on instrument tracks.

Also, wrt 3): I have no groups in the project. As to routing, the only routing I have created is sending all instruments and some audio files through a reverb fx channel, but that pattern of connections doesn’t match the tracks which don’t respond to folder-unmute.

I see, then, if you Muted the Instrument tracks in the folder (not the folder itself), then you can use Ctrl+click to the Mute button of the folder. Do this twice, please. First one will Mute all Instrument tracks in the Folder, and the second one will Unmute all tracks in the folder. And the Ctrl modifier force the Unmute even for tracks, which were not muted by the Folder.

Thankyou Martin. That’s fantastic functionality. I hunted through the manual for that sort of info.

It actually doesn’t work that way at all on my installation of 8Pro.

Ctrl + click on the mute/unmute buttons of a folder doesn’t have any different effect than clicking alone. Alt+click doesn’t make a difference either.

Alt-clicking on a track makes it’s mute button stay lit even if the unmute button is clicked (and then both mute and unmute are lit). It appears to lock mute a track so that no clicking on the folder track will unmute it and from what I can tell the only way to unlock such a locked track is to use global unmute and unmute everything.

Still confused.

I tested it on Mac.

  1. 3 Audio tracks in the Folder; 2 Audio tracks out of the Folder.
  2. 2 Audio tracks in the Folder Muted (by Mute of the tracks); 3rd Audio track in the Folder Unmuted; 1 Audio track out of the Folder muted; 2nd Audio track out of the Folder Unmuted.
  3. Cmd+Click to the M of the Folder = all Audio tracks in the Folder are Muted, and the Folder track too. The status of the tracks outside of the Folder is kept as it was.
  4. Cmd+Click to the M of the Folder = all Audio tracks in the Folder are Unmuted, and the Folder track too. The status of the tracks outside of the Folder is kept as it was.

Thanks Martin.

You’re correct (about the behaviour when it’s working properly), but unfortunately I am also correct (which is why w’ere reporting different behaviour):

Just got off the phone with Steinberg support Canada (where I am), from whom I learrned that after multiple and repeated muting and unmuting of folders and tracks over a short period, the system often breaks down and behaves erratically, which is why discerning the intended behaviour is so difficult. It then has to be reset with global mute and unmute butttons and every track in a project has to be muted/unmuted/solodefeated(Alt-Click-Mute) all over again.

Also, a reset is the only way to unmute a solo-defeated track as well.

It’s a bit dicey to rely on maintaining track states… I don’t know what the work-around is other than constant vigilance… I’m considering muting clips and parts on the timeline.

Interesting… Sorry to hear that.